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(Three corporate Principles of HYUNDAI consortium)

Most our contemporaries think HYUNDAI – is the car brand of different models and series. A smaller group – builders and users – consider HYUNDAI as track-type and wheel excavators. But for us and a group of industrial processes automation experts (and we must mention that this group becomes larger and larger) HYUNDAI means the drive, or so-called inverter, surprising by its functionality and, first of all, by the price.

Today in Italy, there are many well represented brands of different class inverters. But our goal – is not to compare our prices and specifications to our competitor’s ones, but only state the reasons which have convinced us to participate in a business-project together with HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES.

This Company has an amazing story. The founder of the Corporation Chung Ju-Yung has created his company in 1947 on the west coast of South Korea, in a small fishing village called Kunsan, which is now the main part of the free trade area.

Today HYUNDAI – is a conglomerate of several huge corporations, specialized in the construction of machinery for heavy industry and transportation and electronics. All Corporation divisions are closely interconnected – in fact, HYUNDAI is an example of an almost closed-loop production cycle.

All starts with mining industry. It was the plot of such giants as HYUNDAI STEEL (electrometallurgy) and HYUNDAI PETROCHEMICAL (chemical industry). The products of these companies are treated by the machines made by HYUNDAI MACHINE – their range and variety of functions are incredibly large.

Going further – everything is even more complicated! The largest shipyard in the world uses treated metal and polymeric materials for the production of giant ships and offshore equipment. HYUNDAI shipyards (and not only they!) use the largest gantry cranes by HYUNDAI.

Few people know that HYUNDAI ELEVATOR is one of five major manufacturers of elevators, escalators and travolators of all the types. We don’t mention loaders, excavators, cranes, graders, cars – and then audio and video systems, intercom systems, mobile communication, watches, air conditioners, etc. – they are the associated products, but at the same time having great importance ones.

Perhaps, comparing with these giants, the products of HYUNDAI ELECTRO ELECTRIC SYSTEMS, which include our drives, seem pretty humble. But when we analyze the abovementioned, we arrive at the conclusion that HYUNDAI frequency inverters were completely synchronously evolving with the entire development of the HYUNDAI production, every year meeting more and more complex tasks:

  • ensuring of the operation of lift-and-carry machinery, including different types of cranes and elevators;
  • technological processes automation in mining and chemical industry and metallurgy;
  • ensuring of precise positioning at high-speed machining centres;
  • operation of the equipment characterized by “tough” start;
  • control of such processes as ventilation, water supply, wastewater drainage, etc.

It was the high standard of HYUNDAI to contribute to the production of the universal vector inverter with huge capabilities – not only as a part of the products, but also used for their own technological tasks. The system is designed from the point of view of safety of these industries, since the malfunction causes not only great financial loss, but also anthropogenic danger.

HYUNDAI Frequency Inverter – is now a compact unit, compatible with modern design. This equipment has approved itself in a more favorable light in all the sectors – ventilation of concert halls, lifts at the ski resorts, sweets and paints factories, irrigation of vineyards and so on.

These are only few uses of HYNDAI frequency inverters.

For the further information, please, contact the central office.

We are always ready to answer your questions!

P.S. HYUNDAI – is a Korean word meaning «modern age», «contemporary», «going with the times».