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Low Voltage Inverter N700E

Improved Control Performance

High Torque Performance in Ultra Low Speed Zone by Using Sensorless Vector Control

  • Hyundai’s advanced sensorless vector control technology provides a motor with high torque performance in ultra low speed
  • zone (Sensorless vector control: above 150% at 1Hz).
  • In case of fast acceleration/deceleration of motor, N700E series provides powerful torque controllability without trip.
  • Sensorless vector control technology expands the range of controlling speed.

Superb Speed Control Performance by Improved Tuning Technology for Motors

  • Through technology of compensating the motor time constant while motor tuning minimizes the speed change, stable motor opeation can be achieved.

Intensified Protective Functions for Safety while Running

  • Ground fault protection can prevent accidents.
  • Countermeasure for output’s phase loss protects motor while running.

Built-in Regenerative Braking System

  • BRD is basically equipped with the inverter so that the easy operation for acceleration/deceleration time is achieved without additional options.
  • Driving performance of acceleration and deceleration maximizes efficiency.

Enhanced Flexibility for Various Loads

  • Built in PID function uniformly controls oil pressure and flow quantity without additional options.
  • Improved torque characteristic, which is reduced to the 1.7th power, perfectly fits with loads for fans and pumps.
  • Optimized energy saving according to the characteristics of loads is achieved.

Various Inverter Display Functions

  • The operational status of the inverter are displayed on the monitor so that an user can understand the condition of the inverter.
  • Cumulative hours of driving time and the actual running time are displayed for easy maintenance.

Convenient Maintenance and Repair

  • N700E is available to replace the fan without separation.
  • Fan on/off function increases fan’s durability and minimizes fan’s noise.

N700E Catalog

N700E Instruction Manual 0.4KW-3.7KW (4 Mb)

N700E Instruction Manual5.5KW-350KW (2,3 Mb)