N700E N700 N5000
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For pumps and fans

Medium Voltage Inverter N5000


Environment-friendly system to meet harmonic waves rule (IEEE 19-1992) by serialized multiplex drive

High power factorand electric conversion efficiency

High efficient operation by sensorless vector control

Economic installation by slimming

Easy maintenance by modularization

Easy operation by one touch screen …

Low Voltage Inverter N700


Advanced Sensorless Vector Control at Ultra Low Speed

Excellent control performance with all machines thanks to the improvement of torque characteristics at low speeds

Sensorless vector control :200% or greater at 0.5Hz

Excellent Response Speeds and Toque Control …

Low Voltage Inverter N700E

Improved Control Performance
High Torque Performance in Ultra Low Speed Zone by Using Sensorless Vector Control

Hyundai’s advanced sensorless vector control technology provides a motor with high torque performance in ultra low speed
zone (Sensorless vector control: …